Credit Extension to Past Due Preferred Customer

Keep your preferred customers remaining in good standing across the board.  Use this Credit Extension to Past Due Preferred Customer sample letter

as a way to reach out to those V.I.P. customers who may have forgotten about payments. 

Preferred customers should be viewed as your crème of the crop in loyalty and business. 

Loyalty breeds sales, which of course breeds revenue. 

In this case, it behooves you and your company to extend a period of grace for late or missed payments. 

Extending this gracious courtesy to favorable consumers will go a long way with those customers. 

Surely, they will return the courtesy in the form of sales!


Dear __________,

Our credit department has notified me that your account is past due.  You are one of our preferred customers and therefore we want to offer any assistance we can.

We know that most overdue balances result from clerical errors.  However, should you require additional time to settle your balance, please feel free to give us a call.  I will see to it that you are granted an additional [  ] days in which to pay your account balance.

We value your business, and sincerely hope that this gesture will be of some help.  Thank you for your kind consideration, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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