Cupid's Fault

The Lovers In Us!

The Lovers In Us!

Hey there lover! Are you wondering why I'm writing this letter to you? It's a bit of a surprise...I know, as we rarely write letters to one another any more. However, I was just thinking about all the times we've spent together, and how much you mean to me.

When we first met, I knew this was something special - I just didn't know how long it would last. You know me...I have terrible luck and was half expecting you to never call me back after our first date.

But you did, and I'm glad that you did. Normally when something goes good in my life I make it seem like it's someone's fault, and since I don't want to blame you (it sounds bad) I decided to blame Cupid. Who else is to thank, I mean blame?

Now we're two weeks from the wedding and I can't stop stressing about every little detail. I hope things go perfectly, because you deserve it.

Now if only I could write my vows. Ohhhh, I'm so nervous! I'm sure you'll deliver yours with your usual calm demeanor, and I only wish I was as calm and assured as you are. That's probably what I love the most about you; your confidence. Your smile helps too (!)

So until then...until we exchange our hearts for wedding bands I'll just keep wondering how I was so blessed to be in this situation in the first place. I blame Cupid!


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