Customer Revival Sales Preferred Customer Private Sale

Customer Revival Sales Preferred Customer Private Sale – A preferred customer isn’t  really preferred unless they are made privy to special offers,

discounts and shopping opportunities.  If any and every potential customer has access to sales and additional offers, there isn’t much incentive for shopping exclusivity or multiple returned business. 

If your customer base could use some growing, a revival sales letter such as this one is a good place to start. 

This sales letter it drafted to coax preferred customers that have proven to be loyal to your business and advocates for your wares or services. 

It can be altered just slightly to generate additional sales from your established base, or kept as is to captivate new sales from customers that may have missed past specials.


Dear ___________,

We have missed you! 

We didn't see you at our Summer Sale and we didn't see you at our Fall Sale, either. 

So, after putting our heads together here at Lord & Chambers, we concluded that one possible reason for your having stayed away so long might be that you don't like crowds.  We came up with the following solution:


                      A PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE




                        DECEMBER 17, 1986


                      5:00 P.M.- 9:00 P.M.


If there is any other reason that has kept you away, won't you please let us know by calling me at West Palm Beach (305) 662-000. 


Thank you.

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