Deliveries Held Until Past Due Balance Paid

Deliveries Held Until Past Due Balance Paid. This cover letter is a must have for any company that delivers goods whether it’s cakes or staples. 

The letter below is a notice to customers who have failed to make good on their payments for the products.

This professional notice brings to their attention that until payment has been arranged, their goods will be held from delivery.

A perfectly fair notice should lead to a prompt response (if not payment) from the customer.

The following sample does as much while simultaneously keeping the agreement between customer and vendor in tact.

Professional and generic, this letter can be employed with nearly any company.


Dear ____________,

Due to the problems we have been experiencing of late in obtaining your payment for the goods we have delivered in accordance with the provisions of our contract of [date] , we must inform you that we will not be able to deliver any more goods to you unless you provide us with adequate assurance for payment on said goods.

We regret having to withhold further deliveries, but, at this point in time, we have no other viable alternative.

Please let us know promptly what your decision is in regard to your willingness to provide us with the adequate assurance we are requesting.

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