Demand for Delivery Form

Demand for Delivery Form. This is a simple yet professional letter to demand for paid goods.

This form is just the beginning to the the retrieval process of paid goods.

The payment has not only made its way through the mail system, but the bank notes the amount already withdrawn from the account.

And still, no goods delivered.

This is no good, no good at all and you will want to address the problem post haste.

If in this situation, the supplier has failed to surrender goods or materials that are indeed paid for, this sample is the exact form to use.

The letter gives notice for the sum of paid for goods and states the date(s) for expected delivery.

Short, firm and to the point, try it out.




Date: _


To: _ [Supplier]


Whereas the undersigned has now made full payment to you in the sum of $______, for all goods to be shipped pursuant to our order dated ___, 19__; we demand delivery of said goods in accordance with our contract.


Very truly,



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