Demand to Endorsers for Immediate Payment

If your business includes dealings with endorsers, this professional Demand to Endorsers for Immediate Payment letter template is for you. 

This makes for a much welcomed addition to your professional document arsenal. 

Use this letter to retrieve monies owed from an endorser. 

This letter addresses the main issue swiftly and resolutely.

Demand the proper amount owed and give ample explanation of proceedings that may follow if the amount is not relinquished.


Date: ___________

To: ________________________

The undersigned is the holder of the below described [check] [note] to which you are an endorser.  Notice is hereby provided that said instrument has not been paid, and protest and demand is hereby made upon you to immediately pay the face amount of the instrument in the amount of $_.

In the event payment is not made within five [5] days, the undersigned shall proceed to suit on your warranties of endorsement.


Very truly,


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