Denial of Request for Additional Discount

Denial of Request for Additional Discount. If your customer satisfaction plan includes providing consumers with discounted merchandise, 

you may need this cover letter. 

This letter addresses the issue of additional discounts some consumers may request.

Specifically, it denies the additional discount on the merchandise or service with an explanation of the company policy and appropriate actions. 

Although written as a denial for additional discounts, an easy and quick re-wording could change it to an affirmative response.


Dear _____________,

This letter is in response to your inquiry regarding our flexibility in the discount rate we offer for early settlement of accounts.

Our established discount is 2% of the total invoiced amount when payment is received within 10 days of delivery.  This figure is not one that has been arbitrarily chosen, but is based on cost, overhead and profit. 

To increase this discount rate for all of our accounts would seriously jeopardize our firm and to increase the rate for an individual account would be both unfair and unethical.  I believe that you will find that the 2% discount rate we offer our customers is standard in the industry.

We consider you a most valued customer and hope that you can appreciate our position in this matter.  If we are able to accommodate you in any way that is within our company policy, we will be most happy to do so.

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