Denial of Request for Extension of Time

Denial of Request for Extension of Time. If loans are your business, this template is one of the staples your company will find to a most helpful tool. 

The letter acknowledges pre-established agreements and correspondences, then expresses the company’s regrets to offer an extension. 

Although clearly written with the intention of serving as a notice of denial for the extension of a loan, this cover letter can be applied to several other issues.

Such as?  Think college mid-term papers, exams or thesis papers.

This template works both academically and professionally in the business realm.


Dear _________, 

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of [date], in which you requested a three month extension on your [type of] loan, number [number].

After careful review, we regret to inform you that we are unable to grant you any further extensions for the payment on your loan.

We are sorry about the difficulties you are experiencing, but we must insist on receiving your payment by [date].

We hope that you will be able to find another solution to your problem.

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