Directed Letter of Recommendation Requesting Reply

Directed Letter of Recommendation Requesting Reply - No employer wants to see a valued employee leave their company.

With this cover letter, the inevitable goodbye of such an employee can be simplified. 

This cover letter addresses the recommendation of an exemplary employee that could prove to be an asset a contending company. 

When it’s not possible to keep that employee that has had a positive impact, a considerate letter of recommendation is just what is needed.

So although you may let them go, it will be much appreciated if you let them go with good grace.


Dear ___________,

[individual]  has been with our firm for several years and has been one of our outstanding employees in the accounting department.  For family reasons, he is moving to your area and we are truly sorry to lose him. 

He has all of the fine qualities you would expect from a good employee and I honestly feel that any firm that hires him will be quite fortunate.

I believe that it could be mutually beneficial if the two of you could meet once he arrives in [city].  He is mature and of course realizes that there may not be an opening for him at this time.

Shall I suggest that he make an appointment with you?  I will be looking forward to your reply.

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