Disputed Balance Notice

Disputed Balance Notice - Every company owner is in need of this document template no matter the type of business, because this sample 

letter addresses inevitable disputes regarding account balances or monies owed.

Where monies are exchanged for products, goods or services, the balance for monies due is an inevitable issue.

This Disputed Balance Notice letter first acknowledges correspondence between company and customer for the believed balance. 

A brief explanation of the true balance is given, along with a detailed check list of probable reasons for the dispute of the balance owed.



Date: _________________

To: ________________


We are in receipt of your statement dated _______, 19__, indicating an account balance of $_____.  We dispute said balance for the reason[s] checked.


     ____ Goods billed for have not been received.

     ____ Prices are in excess of agreed amount.

     ____ Prior payment made in the amount of $_ on _, 19_.

     ____ Goods were unordered.

     ____ Goods were defective as per prior notice.

     ____ Goods are available for return as per our right of

          return and credit.

     ____ Other [Describe] _________________

Please adjust our account.


Very truly,



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