Dog Days are Over...

by Tara
(South Haven, MI)

Here's an unusual Romantic Gift Idea story that stuck with me for many months before I finally decided to publish. I didn't wait so long because it wasn't good, but rather because of the difficulty I had classifying it as romantic. Hope you enjoy it like I do.


I had wanted a dog for years.. (always expecting my husband to surprise me with the next big holiday featuring a roving box with breathing holes scampering around my living room...) Disappointed though I was repeatedly, I secretly feared one day he would follow through, with a nightmare puppy or one with a rough temper.

Approaching midnight on last Christmas Eve, he asked me: "Do you hear something scratching to get in?"

The angels couldn't have held me back from flinging the front door open to reveal a beautifully wrapped basket. Nestled inside was a collar for a medium sized dog, a variety of biscuits and toys. A big bone with an even bigger bow on rested in a food bowl with matching water dish.

I didn't even have to read the card to find out we'd be going to our local shelter in the next few days to pick the perfect pooch...

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