Dylan- My High School Sweetheart

by Madison

Dear Dylon

Dear Dylon

I honestly can’t even believe that I am able to write you this letter. Sometimes the 13 year old in me is still screaming shouts of joy at the fact that we are together.

I remember meeting you on the first day of high school freshmen year and thinking that you were perfect. You were the type of guy that I had always fallen for, attractive, smart, talented and totally full of yourself. I had the biggest crush on you!

It’s embarrassing, but I have to admit that my diary overflowed with ideas about the future “Mrs. Dylan Thomas” and what can only be classified as “stalker” about our future relationship. I can’t imagine that you would have missed the wistful gazes I was frequently sending your way.

Timing is a funny thing isn’t it? Because as soon as I outgrew my crush on you, you developed a thing for me and though I tried to play hard to get, I failed miserably. I suppose the rest is history.

I’ve certainly grown up since I first had that crush, but one thing hasn’t changed. I’m still crazy in love with you! I don’t need my crazy diary to plan a future with you because now we can do it together. Everyday with you brings me the joy I felt when I first met you. I love you.

Love Always,

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