Eddie I Swear

You can find plenty of Free Prewritten Love Letters floating around in the webber-space, but few with the raw passion of letters like this one.

Finding that special someone is the easy part! 

Falling is the part that comes naturally. 

For some, putting those emotions in writing is hard part. 

But it needn’t be!

Take this pre-written letter, add your own ‘stamp’ to it and you’ve got a heartfelt sentiment that expresses how the one makes your heart soar! 

From time to time I have readers submit letters to share with others and this is one of them.




You’re not too far away, but the fifteen mile distance feels like hundreds. It's hard, but it has created something special between and our love has grown because of it. Consequently, every moment we have together is extremely important to me and I just thought that I would let you know that when I'm alone I think of you.

I think about your eyes, which talk to my soul. I miss your lips on mine, and on my forehead. I miss your hands pressing lightly on my stomach when you wrap your arms around me and when we playfully tickle each other with soft, caressing fingertips.

I know you feel the same, which makes me feel doubly blessed to have someone as special as you. Although we fight a lot, we know that we still love each other, which is why a simple kiss and affirmation of I love you seems to most always quell our disputes.

I am anxious, in good ways, about the day that we devote our lives to each other; my white dress and your tuxedo, our vows to one another, and everyone staring and adoring how happy we are will be my dream come true.

Just so that you don't forget, I just thought that I would tell you once again...baby I swear...I love you.


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