Employee Non-Compete Agreement

Employee Non-Compete Agreement. Not wanting your employees to jump ship and sell your secrets to the competition? Then you need this form!  

Do you think Starbucks would appreciate a disgruntled employee giving the local coffeehouse their recipes? Of course not! 

This Employee Non-Compete Agreement letter is an agreement ensures the company cannot be so betrayed to their competition if an employee is terminated or dismissed. 

It DOES NOT include a specified radius from the place of business that applies.  If non-competitive assurance is what you need, this form should be a part of your potential employee paperwork.



FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, and in consideration of my being employed by _ [Company], I, the undersigned, hereby agree that upon my termination of employment and notwithstanding the cause of termination, I shall not compete with the business of the Company, or its successors or assigns. 

The term "not compete" as used in this agreement means that I shall not directly or indirectly own, be employed by or work on behalf of any firm engaged in a business substantially similar and competitive  with the Company.

This non-compete agreement shall remain in full force and effect for _ years commencing with the date of employment termination.

Signed under seal this_________ day of ___, 19___.




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