Employment Information Form

Employment Information Form - Let’s face it, if you’re going to run a business, any type of business, paperwork is a necessary evil. 

Don’t quite know where to begin?

This form can help you get the ball rolling. 

Alleviate some of the worry and complication by starting with the basics. 

For starters, the address and contact information of your place of business. 

Followed by the general idea of what the business is and its methods for hiring employees (including frequency and salary information). 

With this template you won’t get bogged down and overwhelmed with pointless information. 

It keeps things as uncomplicated as possible so you can direct your focus on something other than paperwork.






Employer_________________________    Telephone:_________________






Nature of business______________________________________________

Position to be filled___________________________________________

Employee qualifications_________________________________________

Number of employees needed______________________________________

Wages or salary $________________ per __________________________

Employment is _____temporary ______permanent

Hours ________ to _______

Days ___________ to __________



We are an equal opportunity employer.


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