Employment Reference Letter - Highly Organized, Motivated & Trustworthy

Employment Reference Letter by Ruth; Coleman, Tx. I had been living in Coleman, Texas but recently moved to Cassville, Missouri following the stroke of my father-in-law who lived there.

Following is a reference letter that a former supervisor wrote for me.

It's one of several that I submitted along with my resume when I was searching for a job in the area.


Dear ______:

I have known Ruth Shirk for five years. She's highly organized, motivated and trustworthy. Ruth has an ability to get the job done no matter what obstacles may stand in her way. Ruth also has the ability to work independently.

Ruth has the ability to think on her feet and is able to draw on many experiences to make a good decision. Ruth also follows directions very well.

As you might imagine our organization isn't looking forward to losing Ruth, and we will feel her absence when she leaves. But we understand that life moves on and we are supportive of her desire to advance her career objectives.

However, as she has been for us she can be for you. Specifically, if you are able to hire Ruth you will gain a real asset.

In closing, I believe that Ruth would be an asset to your organization and the position for which you are considering her. In that regard and for your convenience I can be reached at 111-111-1111 if you have any questions about this letter of recommendation.   

Insert Name  

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