Engraved Candlelight Centerpieces

by T. Renee Perry

Diamond Candlelight Centerpiece

Diamond Candlelight Centerpiece

This year, for your anniversary, give her more than the typical dozen roses. This year, celebrate all the years she’s been the light of your life with a romantic candlelight centerpiece.

This company of talented glass shapers from New England provides elegant, personalized pieces that are sure to take her breath away. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, engraved using the companies’ specific etch sand and carving techniques.

A few options are available fitting for an anniversary gift. The Diamond centerpiece features a double-paned glass piece with the oil encasement in the center. The Ensemble features three tiered columns (each an oil encasement) centralized in a large column.

The Lexington centerpiece is an elegant glass lamp and the Classic centerpiece has a wide-paned center, perfect for inscription, featuring two unity candle holders, one on either side of the pane.

To further personalize the centerpieces, several engraving options are available. A simple, yet elegant script is always a classic and clean option, but there are some picture options that can be etched that are just as endearing.

Traditional depictions such as linked wedding rings, wedding bells, or a unity cross make great anniversary details. The Calla Lilies, the Claddagh (the crowned heart in between two hands), a Celtic Cross, kissing Swans and the linked Hearts also allow you to tailor the centerpiece for more than just an anniversary gift.

Lamp oils for the fiber wick encasements come in a variety of colors: red, blue, green, violet, yellow, pink, ice blue, lilac, teal and clear.

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