Equipment Leasing Agreement

The equipment needed to pull off a big job (moving, remodeling a bathroom or building a shed), can be costly.  The super money-savy customer would opt to rent over purchasing.  

The Equipment Leasing Agreement is a form that provides assurance for those renting out the equipment and reaffirms the responsibility of the renters. 

Because, let’s be honest, when you’re renting or loaning expensive equipment, you want more of a guarantee than just their word to treat the tools with respect. 

With this letter, safeguarding your rental equipment is as easy as clicking.


Equipment Leasing Agreement


Chambers agrees to furnish and Customer agrees to hire the services of _____________________________("Equipment"), to be installed at the address [s] indicated below, subject solely to the terms and conditions of the existing Chambers Contract Pricing Agreement between________________________________________ and Chambers Corporation.


Monthly      Annual     Two Year    Contract No:

Customer and Billing Address      Installation Address

____________________________      ________________________

____________________________      ________________________

____________________________      ________________________

____________________________      ________________________


Customer acknowledges the responsibilities of providing suitable electrical service and the payment of charges for the placement, removal, and any rigging expense for the equipment and accessories ordered herein.


Earliest Customer Acceptance Date_____________

Equipment Purchase Order Required    Yes, if yes complete below:

Equipment Purchase Order No:_____________From_______To_________

CCP Special Reference Number_______________________

Customer Authorizes Initial Supplies:     Yes:          No

Supply Purchase Order No:__________Supply Agreement No:________

Supply Purchase Order:   Not necessary    Attached    To Follow

Acceptance of this agreement is contingent upon review and approval of Chambers Corporation's Credit Department.

This Agreement shall terminate in the event that Customer makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or a voluntary or involuntary petition is filed by or against the Customer under any law having for its purpose the adjudication of Customer as bankrupt or the reorganization of Customer or may be cancelled by Chambers without notice should Customer default in the payment of any money due hereunder.

____________________            ___________________

Customer's Signature            Chambers Corporation

By:_________________            By________________Date_____

Title_______________            Title_________Branch_______

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