Equipment Leasing Sales Letter

Send this Equipment Leasing Sales Letter in a mass mailing to all of your neighboring businesses…or send it out separately to each customer or potential lead that you receive.  

This letter doesn’t focus on preaching to your customer on the reasons why they should lease because this isn’t something you can force them to do and quite frankly they don’t want to hear it! 

Instead, this letter is telling them WHY they should choose YOUR COMPANY for their leasing needs!!

Sending this letter out is bound to bring you new business!


Dear ______________,

Your business experience has already shown you some of the advantages of leasing needed equipment as opposed to purchasing.  Our leasing experience gives us a real edge in furnishing your firm some maximum advantages with a minimum of "red tape" and time delay.

We realize the importance in properly structuring a Personalized Lease so that it may meet the specific needs and requirements of your company in the most beneficial way possible.  Due to our size, we can also offer our customers the option of rewriting existing leases at certain points along the way, should it be warranted.

Please contact us if you are even considering the future acquisition of more income producing equipment and we will be most happy to speak with you either personally or by telephone, whichever you prefer.

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