Experienced IT Professional Resume Cover Letter

by Sam

I'm an experienced IT professional who wanted to transition from working at a stock exchange. The work was extremely stressful and I wanted to work in an office setting instead, which I had been doing several years before. This is the cover letter I used:


Dear. Ms. Delaney,

I heard about your need for an IT manager from your assistant Tom, and I am writing to express my deep interest in the position.

A good friend and former coworker of mine, Dean Smith, currently works in HR with you at Capital and recommended that I apply. We worked together at Deutschbanc, where he was the HR manager. He actually hired me there, and eventually promoted me to head IT because of my skills and the consistent praise of my superiors.

I'm a Cisco certified network admin, and I have been working actively in IT support for the past 8 years. I began doing telephone-based tech support for CallDesk, then moved to doing on-site work at Chase, and then at Deutschbanc. This includes tech support and overall IT management, which I handled at Deutschbanc for 3 years before being offered an amazing opportunity to support the trading floor at the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, where I have been working for the past 3 years. I would like to return to a corporate office setting, and I know that Capital would be the perfect fit.

I would love to talk with you further about working for Capital and am easily reachable via email at samtran@gmail.com, or via my cell at 212-555-1212. Thank you for your time, and for your consideration,

Sam Tran

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