Explanation for Delay of Partial Shipment

The ability to ship merchandise is an important facet of any business. However, occasional mistakes, mishaps and delays will occur.

This Explanation for Delay of Partial Shipment form is just the template you need for those rare occasions.

Often a written explanation can placate a customer’s dissatisfaction. 

Providing good customer service can only enhance the performance of a business. 

It fosters appreciation and loyalty with customers and assures an excellent return business rate. 

That makes this letter is a must.


Dear ________________,

After some investigation, I believe that we have found the source of the problem that led us to our misunderstanding on [date].

When we received your purchase order for [quantity, product], we were unable to fill the order for immediate delivery due to [explanation for delay in delivery].  Our letter informing you of this delay and requesting your instructions was mailed to you on [date].  We did not receive a reply and proceeded to send a follow-up letter to you on [date].

We have been able to make delivery to you since the [date] but felt that since you had emphasized "for immediate delivery" on your purchase order, we should wait for your authorization before shipping.

I can easily understand why you were so upset with us [day] if no one made you aware of our correspondence.  We have always appreciated having you as a customer and hope that we can continue to provide you with our products in the future.

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