Felt Great for Once

by Johnresa
(Malden, MA, USA)

When I was younger I was picked on a lot and I did not have many friends. At school I was teased for being the weird and chubby kid. I remember once I had to get surgery on my tonsils. I was in my hospital bed feeling lonely and in pain. I looked up and one of my classmates was coming toward my room with a basket in her hand. She said it was from the class and they missed me. I thought it was just to be nice but when I got back to school they were very different to me. I kept that basket until it fell apart.

Lanard's Comments: This story is more about "Get Well Baskets" that are sent when the messages are along the lines of "Missing You", "Hope You Get Well and Come Back Soon" and that sort of thing. Still, I liked it well enough to pront it and leave it in this category. Who knows, I might move it later, but for right now it's in a good place. Thanks for sharing.

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