Firm Letter on Past Due Account

Use this Firm Letter on Past Due Account template to convey your intentions of collection for any past due payments.

When money is owed to you or your company, implementing this pre-written letter can save on time and grief for both parties involved.

Get your point across quick, fast and professionally with this template. 

The letter addresses the last attempt to collect payment, advises immediate reply to the issue, and serves as notification of delinquency.


Dear _________,

On __[date]__  we called your attention to your account balance in the amount of $_____.

According to our records we have not received either a reply to our letter or a remittance to clear this account.

We extended credit to you on your account in good faith and expected payment under our normal thirty day terms which we feel are most reasonable. 

So that no further action on our part will be necessary, we shall expect a remittance by return mail or the courtesy of a reply to our letter as to why payment is being withheld.

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