Forever Isn't Long Enough To Love You

by Mrs. J
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)


I still remember the first time that we met - I was immediately awestruck. I can't say exactly why but I knew then that one day you'd become my husband.

It doesn’t matter what we are doing; whether it's playing video games, cooking, or doing chores around the house...every moment that I am able to share with you is better than the last.

You are the only one who has ever actually made me want to be a better person, and together we are unstoppable in any endeavor. Even though physical distance may temporarily separate us, I always feel the warmth of your spirit - no matter how near or far you are. Our love reveals the beauty in things around me that I have never seen before.

I want you to be happy - always! I love cooking for you and seeing your face light up when you try my new culinary creations.

I love how honest you are and that I can always trust that you will give me your true opinion if I ask for it.

You strengthen me in ways I never thought I could be strong and encourage me to explore things I wouldn’t have done on my own.

My love for you is boundless. You are my rock and the one true love that I have waited for. You are my beloved one, now and forever, and I wouldn’t have it any different.

There is no love story, fairy tale, or romantic poem that even compares to what we have.

Your Love,

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Forever Isn't Long Enough to Love You
by: Baby Parinas o fAustralia

Wow, what a beautiful poem!

Lanard's Response: Parinas, I agree! It really is a beautiful poem. Every time I read it I think of my wife, who has given me A Lifetime of Love, and I feel truly blessed because of her.

She spent the weekend with her mom in St. Augustine recently and the house didn't feel the same without her. And the nights were worse, because I'm so use to her being by my side. I love her now and forever...just like the song below says - "Always and Forever".

Take a moment and listen to it - it's absolutely beautiful. And then tell me whether you agree or not.

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