Format For a Reference Letter

The Format for a Reference Letter noted below can easily be used for multiple reason;  employment, contractor, personal, etc.

Format For a Reference Letter

You can make quick work of writing reference letters when you use it as a template. The letter itself is comprised of 5 main sections. Here they are along with the information pertinent to each section.

Format For a Reference Letter Template

When writing a personal letter of reference place a salutation (Dear Dr. Perry, Dear Mr. Perry, etc.) at the beginning of it. It's acceptable to address it to "To Whom it May Concern" if you're writing a generic letter that's not addressed to a particular person.

Paragraph 1    
In the first paragraph you should describe your relationship with the person you are referring and/or recommending.  Include how you know them and why you are qualified to write a reference letter for them.  Also, be specific for what you are recommending them for; a job; admission to college, or graduate school; advisory board membership, etc.

Paragraph 2   
In the second paragraph of the reference letter you should include specific to the person you are writing about, including why they are qualified, what they can contribute, and why you are providing a reference letter. You can use more than one paragraph if you want to, but it's not required.  

Paragraph 3     
When writing a reference letter referring a candidate for a specific job opening, include information about how the person's skills match the position they are applying for. You'll achieve the best results if you can get a copy of the job posting and/or a copy of the person's resume so you can tailor your reference letter accordingly.

Here's where you summarize why are you are recommending the person. Make statements along the lines of "I highly recommend", "I recommend without reservation" and the like to show your strong endorsement of the person.     

Finally, conclude your reference letter by extending an offer to provide more information if needed. The easiest way to do this is by placing a phone number within the paragraph, and/or providing your phone number and email address below your signature.

Insert Your Name  

Format For a Reference Letter (Sample Letters)

Character Letter Personal Reference Sample
Written using the format above, this letter is brief, to the point, but provides enough information a reader's interest.  It's got just enough mojo to be an effective reference.   

Recommendation Letter for Janessa Mason 
To Whom It May Concern: I am submitting this recommendation letter in support of Janessa Mason's application for the position of Human Resources Assistant. …

Letter of Recommendation To Hire Bubba Smith 
Dear Mr. Marshall, I have known Bubba Smith since he was born. His parents have always lived next door, so I am very familiar with a variety of aspects …

Recommending Andew Williamson 
Dear Mr. Smith, I am writing this reference at the request of Andrew Williamson who is applying for the accountant job at Silvania Co. He was my student …

Recommendation for Edith Thorton 
Dear Dr. Manson I am writing to recommend Edith Thorton to the vacant position on your faculty. I have known Edith for over ten years and she has been …

March 12,2012 
To Whom It May Concern: I would like to recommend Kimberly Whitaker as a good candidate for the Teacher's Assistance position at your school. Currently, …

Rental letter of reference 
Below is a Rental Letter of Reference that can be modified to your personal need. To whom it may concern: Sammie Lynn entered a rental agreement …

Recommenting Sarya  
30 Sept 2010 To Whomsoever it may concern, It has been more than 3 years since I have known Sarya as a close friend and a good colleague at work. …

Recommendation Letter for Business Administrator: 
I am a trained teacher but have found that I do not like the classroom very much. I'd decided to make the switch from the classroom to the world of business …

Letter of Reference or Recommendation 
To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Susie Smith. I have had the fortunate experience of being …

Letter of Reference for Jason Wilson 
A very dear friend of mine had been working at the same retail store for 10 years when the company declared bankruptcy. He made the mistake of taking …

First Job 
I had been sitting with an elderly couple as a first time job right out of high school. I knew I wanted to be a nurse but needed more references to not …

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