Frankie's Girl Forever

by Dawn M Seeley
(Manchester, NH USA)

"I love you. plain & simple. I have never, and probably will never love someone else the way I do you. I don't know what to say or do to get you back." Love is Irrepressible and this Love Letter proves it.



We spent many good years; first as best friends, then as lovers & housemates. Now, several years have gone by since we separated and I still can't stop thinking of you....and nobody has ever made me feel as special as you always did.

When I see you now and again, because of the friends we have in common, I get Goosebumps. Thinking of the way you used to rub my feet & head while we watched TV on the couch together.

I know it was my choice to give up on the relationship, but you know what they say - “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone?” Well, it's totally true!

It seems that every song I hear on the radio reminds me of you. When I go someplace you & I have been I ALWAYS reminisce about OUR times there. Frankly, I don’t know what to do.

You said I would regret breaking up with you, and I do. All I can do now is say I am sorry and I wish we were still together.

I want YOU to be the one I grow old with. I want to be the one taking care of you if you’re sick, or going away for the weekend with YOU. Only you…but I know I’ve lost you and I just don’t know how to start over.

So, I’m writing this letter in hopes you might feel the same way. If not, then I will leave you to live your life and wish you much happiness nd no matter what you decide know that I will ALWAYS be “Frankie’s Girl”.


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