Fred, Thank You For My Buddha!

by Thea Mornington

When you're feeling a bit lonely, sometimes an unexpected surprise can really make your day and perhaps change your whole outlook on life! This letter tells you what happened to me!


Dear Fred,

When I woke up today I forgot that it was my birthday! Then the doorbell rang and there was a Fed Ex man there with a big egg-like package.

I asked him if he was sure it was for me, as I wasn't expecting any packages. Well, imagine my surprise as I took the parcel inside, opened it and discovered the lovely Buddha head that you sent!

It was so thoughtful of you, and as you know, it's just what I've always wanted. You also cheered me up no end as I've been feeling a bit sad since Joan moved abroad.

I have put my Buddha in my room just under the window, just the perfect place to meditate, especially this time of year with the sun streaming through the window.

You've made my day! Thanks for being such a good friend.

Love Thea.

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