Free Condolence Letters

Free Condolence Letters. Death comes to all of us.

Sometimes expected following long periods of illness, while other times it's totally unexpected.

However it happens it can be a burden to bear, from family members to friends and other loved ones left behind. 

But expressing sympathy with brevity, compassion and empathy can be equally difficult.

Using the right words to reflect the situation isn't easy.

With the following sample letters you can offer your sympathies eloquently, yet succinctly.


Letter #1. This sample condolence letter speaks from the perspective of a single person re the death of a friend's brother. It reflects on the death of the writer's loss of a loved one, too - so there's a heightened sense of being able to understand what the recipient might be going through emotionally.

Letter #2. This sample letter of sympathy condolence reflects on the death of a friend's mother, and highlights some of her personal and unique attributes.

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