Free Cover Letter Samples

The Free Cover Letter Samples below are perfect to use as templates for generating your own if you're short on money, or cash.

Although most of them are pretty short in terms of length of letter and word count, they're not short on effectiveness.

In fact, they're short, concise and get right to the point, things that many writers don't do a good job of.

Why? Because they think the more words they throw at someone the more clear and understanding their letters and memos are.

Instead thy get the opposite result; long, boring text that turns readers off.

However, that's not the case with these Free Cover Letter Sample Letters. I add to them periodically, so be sure to bookmark the page and check back often. Here they are...


Acknowledged Receipt of Goods - Accepting delivery of goods without using one of these is very risky. Use this sample to create your own.

Apology After Cancellation of Order - Show your customers you care with this sample letter that acknowledges a request for a cancellation of an order.

Apology and Proposal on Overshipped Merchandise - No matter how good you are you're going to over ship a product if you stay in business long enough. Use this letter when you do.

Apology and Replacement of Damaged Goods - Ever shipped an order that arrived damaged? Did you use Free Cover Letter Samples like this one when you replaced it?

Apology and Request for Extension of Time to Deliver Goods - You work long hours, still you don't manage to get all orders delivered on time. What should you do when that happens? Use this letter!

Business Letters of Apology - You should be so lucky to be in business long enough to need apology letters...and when you do you can turn to these!

Cover Letter for Catalog Request - Providing prompt follow up to requests for information is imperative to your business. Are you prepared?

Cover Letter for Charge Card - Use this sample cover letter when it's time to review credit limits and renew credit cards.

Cover Letter for Loan Book - This letter is perfect for any business that offers installment loan payments.

Cover Letter for Product Literature - What separates so-so salespersons from the best? Follow up...and letters like this one.

Decline of Venture Offer - Can you decline an offer and not have the person who offered it feel rejected? If not this letter can help.

Decline to Interview Recommended Applicant - Times are hard and jobs are few and far between. Here's how to decline more applicants for positions than you have capacity to hire.

Deliveries Held Until Past Due Balance Paid - Telling clients that deliveries will be suspended until outstanding balances are paid is hard. This letter does it for you.

Demand for Acknowledgement of Shipping Dates Form - Want to know when your products were shipped? Then use this form.

Demand for Delivery Form - Use this form to insist on the delivery of goods or services that you purchase - and demand it now.

Demand that Future Payments be by Certified Checks - Tired of bouncing checks and other problematic payment methods? Require payment by certified check.

Denial of Request for Additional Discount - Can't afford to give any more discounts? Here's how to diplomatically say no to related requests.

Denial of Request for Extension of Time - This letter shows how to say no to requests to extend loans and/or the time in which must be paid.

Denial of Request for Quarterly Billing - Monthly due dates mean due dates are monthly, not quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Directed Letter of Recommendation Requesting Reply - Losing a great employee? Give them a letter worthy of their contributions to your company.

Discharge of Security Interest Form - Hooray! Here's a letter satisfying a debt as being paid in full.

Discreet Letter of Resignation - Stop! Don't say ugly things about your boss! Read this letter and see how to resign with tact and diplomacy.

Disputed Balance Notice - Are you in disagreement about the balance owed on an account. Here's a way to eliminate the confusion.

Job Applicant Education Verification Cover Letter - Need to verify educational credentials? If so, this sample letter does it for you.

Late Payment Cover Letter - Late on your payments and need to send a cover letter to your creditors begging forgiveness? Try this one.

New Credit Card Cover Letter - This template letter is perfect for announcing the arrival of a new credit card. 


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