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For Character References, Letter Samples are the way to go. Why? Because you can find a variety of sample letters that can easily be revised to reflect your individual needs..thus saving you a lot of time - and maybe even aggravation.

Of course you can always write reference letters the hard way by either starting with a blank computer monitor screen, or sheet of paper; depending on how you like your pain and suffrage. I, on the other hand, prefer using templates, sample letters and writing tools to avoid writers block and that terrible feeling I get when a friend asks me to write a character reference letter for them.

Now, please don't get me wrong. I'm always flattered that they think enough of me to ask me to write letters for them, but that's the problem. Because they ask I want to serve up letters that are difference makers ; ones that might help them get a job, accepted into grad school (med, law, engineering, education, etc.), which is the source of my anxiety.

If the truth is to be known I'm always afraid that I won't be able to deliver the goods. I'm afraid that my letters might not be good enough to lift them up as they deserve; to emphasize their unique talents, skills and abilities as they deserve.

So, having said that I'll go back to the advantages of using character reference sample letters ; they provide the framework from which to either begin or end a letter. However, when you use a templates, writing tools and sample letters the writing process is ultimately easier and faster.

But what exactly is a character reference letter? I thought you'd never ask. Succinctly stated, character reference letters are straightforward, highly personalized reference letters. Typically, they describe a person's positive personal attributes and are written by people who know the subject person well - friends, family members, neighbors, church members and clergy, etc. And of course good things are written about the person and negative attributes are ignored.

The following resources represent the Top Five Resources for Free Letter Samples for Character References on .

Five Steps To a Perfect Letter of Personal Reference.  Where do you start when someone asks you to write them a letter of personal reference?  Is it as hard for you as it is for me.  I don't struggle anymore, because I found and use this five step process.  Try it yourself and see if it's as good for you as it is for me.

Character Reference Letter Template.  Here's a generic Sample Character Reference Template that'll make short work of the potentially, long, tedious task of writing reference letters.  Did I already tell you how I like doing things the easy way?

Example of Personal Reference Letters.  Here are five more examples of personal reference letters; a personal recommendation letter template, sample character reference letter, personal reference letter of recommendation and a few more.  Talking a bout getting a bang for your buck!

Personal Reference Letter Sample.  Okay - so your best friend asked you a week ago to write them a personal reference letter and it was due yesterday.  Don't fret anymore click on this link and adapt this sample letter to your friends situation.  It's that easy.

Write a Character Reference Letter. Okay, so you're pretty brave and want to write a character reference letter from ground zero.  I'm impressed, so I wrote this article that'll help you craft a pretty good letter in no time flat.

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