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Free Love Letters. All things free aren't necessarily good...and free and extraordinary is an especially rare occurrence. But that's exactly what you

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have here; excellent letters submitted by site visitors wanting, or  perhaps needing, to share the ecstasy that their love brings...or their agony of having been hurt. But, as some say, it is better to have loved and lost it than to not ever have loved at all. So, grab your favorite comfort food or drink -or both - and settle in long enough to enjoy our free letters.

Free Love Letters For Your Reading Pleasure

12 Months I Have Loved You
In honor of the 12 months we have spent together, I have compiled a list of 12 things about you that I adore. They are your...

A Day without Daisy 
Dearest; Things are not perfect between us. Both of us are stubborn, a bit immature and insecure, and love a good fight. I know that I can be the biggest …

Always and Forever... Still 
Remember when we were first married? Somehow in all those whispered "I love yous" the question was asked "No matter what?" and answered "I will love you …

Free Sample Love Letters 
Below are Some Free Sample Love Letters. The first is about loving someone from long distance. Although it might be hard it can be done. So, without further …

I Love So Much About You..!! 
I love so much about you that it is hard to pick just a couple of things out. I love the way you laugh. I love the way you smile. I even love it when you …

Missing You 
I can't believe you're so far away now. Your laugh, your smile, and everything about you haunts me even in this moment. It's strange really, it seems …

My Happiness; My Love 
You, my dear are the love of my life. I can't believe fate has brought us together. Isn't it incredible that we both came from distant places and somehow …

My Lovely Bill 
Beautiful Bill; Three months ago I never dreamed that someone of your intelligence, uniqueness, and grace could enter my life and change it so profoundly. …

Silver Shiver 
To see the light in your eyes is to slow time itself. My heart thuds as though it will stop, as though the blood is swooning within me. The air is thick …

The Little Ways You Love Me 
Dearest; Most women like flowers and candy, but you know me so well that it is the little things you do that make me smile and fall in love with you all …

The Love of My Life 
To The Love of My Life, When we first met I noticed your smile and your sense of humor. We grew to be friends, and to my surprise, something more. …

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Sample Love Letters - here's another sampling of my growing collection  with titles like Second Chance; Yin & Yang, A Promise of A Future; Missing You; Forgive Me If you Can; Thank You For More Than I Ever Dreamed Of; Special Memories and more.

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Copies of Love Letters - more Sample Letters await you here. My Everything; Long Lost Love Returned; My Heart Beats For You; I Still Love You Mo and The Color of Desire.

Free Pre-written Love Letters - in a hurry and need a sample letter like yesterday? Then try these. My favorite of the collection is "Love of My Life". Read them and then tell us about your favorite.

Passionate Love Letters -  "Always and Forever - Still" is neither too short or too long.  It captures the magic and wonder of love in ways that few letters do.    

Love Letter For Boyfriend - if you're looking for a letter for yours you've struck the mother lode. This collection of boyfriend letters is sure to please you. 

Long Love Letters - pour your favorite beverage, settle into your favorite place to snuggle. And then,,,enjoy!

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