Free Reference Letter Samples

You've just struck the motherlode of free reference letter samples.  Below is information about not one, but three letters ... right here...right now. 

Free Reference Letter SamplesFree Reference Letter Samples

It's easy to give good references, but be careful when providing a bad one.  In fact, if your assessment of a person is more negative than positive you might be better off not giving a reference at all.  Why?  Because doing so could lead to a lawsuit. 

Consequently, many companies have a policy of providing basic information about former employees their date of hire and end date.  That notwithstanding, you'll find information about the three reference letters below. 

First Letter. Here's a personal recommendation letter template.  If you ask someone to write a reference letter make it easy to do.  Give them this template to use and they'll be done in a jiffy.  

Second Letter . Here's a personal reference letter sample letter that can jump start your letter writing process.

Third Letter . Finally, here's a  format for a reference letter.  Like most samples and templates on this site it's written with an economy of words.  Hope they're helpful.

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