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If you've been looking for Free Resume Cover Letters that are actually good enough to use, you've just found some! 

And not just any old collection of cover letters either, these sample letters are premium. 

There are literally thousands available for FREE, but few of them are worth the keystrokes that it took to find them.

In fact, many of them are so utterly void of being useful you almost want to give up. Often times they're only a few sentences long and offer nothing of substantive value.

Well, not here...and not now. To the contrary, there are quite a few on this page worth bookmark it now to be able to return to it when you want to.

Resume Cover Letters - Examples Worth Using.  Below are three samples of resume cover letters for your consideration.


The first one is for a receptionist position, a type of job that is highly coveted in today's job market.   

Dear Mrs. [insert name];

I saw your advertisement for a full time receptionist in the April 5th issue of the Star Banner and am submitting my resume for consideration. Per the requirements in the ad I feel that I am qualified for the position and would be an asset to your company.

Specifically, I have eleven years of experience working as a receptionist and have done the usual and expected things associated with the position; including answering phones, greeting customers, managing office supplies and materials and filing documents. 

Additionally, I have experience scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements and the like. Given my experience I am prepared to make an immediate contribution to the efficient operations of your company from day one.

Summarily, my resume is enclosed with this letter for your consideration and will call you next week to answer any questions that you might have about my interest or qualifications.

Your name



The second example cover letter is a teacher resume cover letter.  The second of three letters, it describes a person who doesn't quite fit what the employer is looking for.  But in today's tight job market, who does? Counselors are applying for maintenance positions, teachers for counselor positions and so forth and so on.  Having a good cover letter can make all the difference with the first impressions.


Dear Mr. [insert name];

I am a retired army veteran with a life long interest in teaching high school students, and am seeking a job that will lead to a fulfilling career in education. I recently saw an ad in the Sunday Edition of the Times Union for a 10th grade math teacher and am submitting my resume for consideration for that position.

My teaching experience is mostly limited to teaching math in community education programs to mostly young adults, but many of them were only a few years older than 10th graders. That experience, plus my ability to deal with potentially stressful situations with a great deal of calm is another asset that I bring to the position.

I am an optimist who thrives on challenges, a team player who is also capable of leading by example.. If your faculty could benefit from someone these attributes you owe it to yourself to consider me. For your consideration you can call me at [phone number] if you have any questions about my interest, availability, or qualifications.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your name



The last of the three letters is an example resume cover letter for an application for a clinical supervisor position.

Dear Mrs. [insert name]

Please accept this letter and enclosed resume as application for the Clinical Supervisor Position that I saw advertised in Sunday's Village Voice. I got excited when I read it, because my experience and skills are in perfect alignment with the skills and experience sought.

For example, I have a Master's Degree in Social Work and four years supervisory experience at County General Hospital where I supervised ten employees. I also coordinated and provided in service training to clinical staff to enhance job proficiency and to provide the continuing education credits that most of them needed.

As my resume indicates, I have a demonstrated commitment to my client’s needs and employers goals. So, if you are looking for an administrator experienced in leading a multi-disciplinary team in the professional delivery of clinical and treatment services I am your guy.

In closing, I will call you Tuesday morning to see if you need any additional information from me in order to consider me for the position.

Your name  


In addition to the three samples above, here are two more samples of Resume Cover Letters. One, a Nurse Resume Cover Letter written from the perspective of an RN, that can easily be revised for a CNA, LPN, or an ARNP. The other is an Elementary Education Resume Cover Letter.

So, to recap things, there are Five Free Resume Cover Letters on this page. They are:

Receptionist Resume Cover Letter

Teacher Resume Cover Letter

Clinical Supervisor Cover Letter

Nurse Resume Cover Letter

Elementary Education Resume Cover Letter


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