Free Romantic Love Letter

Free Romantic Love Letter..."Whatever Love is, It’s What We've Got" talks about passion and shared feelings not given or shared with anybody else, and the satisfaction of a touch never experienced before. Read the rest of it below.

Free Romantic Love Letter "Whatever Love is, It’s What We've Got"

Free Romantic Love LetterFree Romantic Love Letter

I’m sure you know that I’ve found satisfaction in your touch and that I crave being close you when we’re apart. But there’s so much more to our love than that and I am now connected to you in ways that are difficult to express.

For instance, I enjoy the moments when we talk, because whenever we do I learn a little bit more about you every time. Every tiny glimpse into who you are is precious to me.

What we share is not a passing thing. We have a wonderful future ahead of us. We both know that life is troubled by difficulties. The important thing is not avoiding them, because, while a certain amount of prevention is possible, problems will always arise.

It’s how we face them that counts. We both know that the path ahead can be rough in some spots, but I know that we will make it through. The proof of love is not in the good times, but in the bad ones. I will stay by your side through whatever life brings.

But love isn’t just about feelings and even staying power isn’t enough to define it. So what is it that we share? All I know is that when I look at your face, when I look into your eyes, something in me says, “Here’s the one.” Love is just… love. And it’s what we share. Now and forever. Love,

Free Romantic Love Letter "Energy Left Behind"

Below is a second letter. It was described as a Traditional Love Letter. I'm not quite sure what that means, but it's a nice letter worth sharing, and/or using as a template to write one for the apple of your eye. Enjoy!

I know it seems old fashioned to sit and write you a love letter, but my feelings for you make me do a lot of things that I never thought I’d do. When I’m with you I have this overwhelming feeling to touch you, be near you.

When we go out I want to hold your hand. Feelings of happiness and contentment floods me when your hand is in mine. When we’re alone I want to dance with you. I long to hold you in my arms, feeling your body next to mine and dance to music that isn’t there.

At night it seems our bodies fold into each other, contoured to fit together like puzzle pieces, making it so easy to drift off to sleep. And when you’re not here I unconsciously drift over to your side of the bed simply to feel your energy left behind.

You’re my first thought when I wake up and last one before I go to sleep at night. And what happens during the middle of the day? Why, I think of you, of course.  And so it is that I find myself writing you this letter.

I want it to be a reminder that no matter what’s going on, that someone loves you and is always thinking of you. Have a wonderful day!

With Love,

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