Free Sample Letter of Recommendation

by Joeannie Zarate
(Killeen, Tx )

Below is a well written Free Sample Letter of Recommendation. Use it "as is" or feel free to modify it to your specific needs.


To Whom this may concern:

I am wanting to recommend Martha Hays for a Customer Service Manager at Market Place Groceries. I have known Martha for two years now working as a customer service specialist.

Martha has shown exceptional service with customer satisfaction,acknowledgment, action, and appreciation for the customers for the growth of our business. Martha is a willing person to go be above and beyond to help associates and customers. Martha Acknowledges all her work aspects, maturity, and the ability to lead workers.

As a customer service manager, Martha will be able to handle, associates orders for change orders, making sure breaks and lunches are given, procedures for handling when a customer is upset or when there are customers that try to steal. Overall, Martha shows the ability to listen, expect, Act, and determine when she will need to put what skills are needed for the situation.

I highly recommend Martha Hays for the Customer Service Manager position as all the skills I have listed above. I have worked with her one on one and she shows exceptional service.

Joanna Karate

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