Free Thank You Letter Samples

Never be at a loss for words again. Discover the write words for the right time with Free Thank You Letter Samples .

And once you have a template for successfully writing thank you letters you'll be writing your own quickly and efficiently.

Take the three free thank you letter samples below; they were all written from the following template:

One. Specifically note what the person did, or gave to you, that was helpful .

Two. Next, mention something about the item, and/or their act of kindness and generosity .

Three. Finally, mention how the act helped you; how unique it is; how it helped you; what it says about the person who gave it to you; etc .

Follow these three tips and you'll quickly be on your way to writing thank you letters; quickly and seemingly effortlessly.

Thank you letters are among some of the most important letters we will ever write. And with these three writing tips and sample letters you're all set to spread the joy and happiness that only giving and receiving thank you letters give.


Here's a  free thank you letter sample for a donation

Hi Jim,

I'd like to take a moment to thank you for your $100.00 donation to sponsor ten children to go on our upcoming field trip to the county courthouse. Although it seems like a small amount of money, many of our kids simply can't afford the required $10.00 registration for the event. However, your contribution will pay for ten kids to go. Thank you for their generosity.

Your name


This is a thank you letter sample for taking care of a pet


Thank you for taking care of Wolf this past weekend. I guess I could have taken him to a kennel, but I was more at ease knowing that he was with someone who'd love and take care of him the way I do. Thanks to your kindness I had a wonderful weekend – it was just what I needed to recharge for this week's busy work schedule.

Your friend,
Your name


This is a thank you letter sample for being a friend

Dear Susan,

It seems like every time I need emotional support you're there for me. The most recent situation was when I was notified that I was being laid off. Your perspective enabled me to realize what I already know, which is that in everything negative that happens there's an opportunity for something good that could come out of it. Thanks for always being there for me.

Your name  

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