Generic Cover Letter

by Tisha

The Sample Resume Cover Letter below references a person who presents as a well written, self motivated and initiating person. She references being a high achiever, and based on her resume cover letter she is! Here's the sample!


January 2010

Dear _______,

Please take a moment to review my resume, as follows. I am currently seeking employment with a growth-oriented company. I have a vast array of experience in retail, office work, and community services.

You will find I am highly computer literate with strong proficiencies in the Microsoft Suite. In addition to my computer and typing skills, I am well trained in written and oral communication. Moreover, I believe being detail oriented and dependable are my greatest assets.

Given the opportunity, you will see I am a very quick learner, having consistently maintained a place on the Honor list every term through high school and graduating with honors, as well as currently maintaining a GPA in the high 90s.

I consider myself a team player with great interpersonal attributes. I have had my managerial skills put to the test both at my last civilian position, and during my time in our great country’s military. I am confident both my work and professional attitude will speak for itself when it comes to advancement opportunities.

I believe my experience, ambition, and strong work ethic pooled with a company that is forward thinking and stable, would surely be a winning combination.

While my time in the military was brief, I was given the opportunity to learn and grow exponentially in that short time. I was honorably discharged for medical reasons resulting from a back injury incurred during training. Having had treatment for this, the only restriction I find as a result is the inability to stand for a full 8 hour shift, or to lift over 30 lb repetitively for any length of time. Neither of those restrictions in any way will impair my ability to perform my duties in an office or retail setting at the highest professional level.

I thank you in advance for your time, and appreciate your earnest consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

T. Myers

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