Gift of Condolence

by Jennifer
(Comstock Park, Mi)

Father Memorial Garden Stone

Father Memorial Garden Stone

Father Memorial Garden Stone Sympathy Loss of A Father Care Package Angel Catcher - A Journal of Loss and Remembrance

The best condolence gift that I received 3 years ago when my Dad passed away unexpectedly was not the gift itself, but it was the meaning behind it.

Nothing in this world can get you ready for the passing of your Daddy. As a daughter your Daddy is the first man that you ever truly fall in love with and he will always, no matter what be the number one man in your life from the time your eyes meet until the day he leaves this earth to be with our Heavenly Father.

Everyone sent cards, flowers, called and even purchased little trinket gifts, which are all very sweet and appreciated at a time like this. What meant the most to me however was a gift that my Mom gave to me. She bought me a book.

Not one about grieving or the loss of a loved one, nor a religious book or your normal funeral type book. She bought me a book with the title "Me and My Dad".

In this book were pictures of Daddies and Daughters as well as poems, stories from other women who had lost their Dad, funny things Dads do, etc.

At the back of the book was a submission form. Weird I thought, but as the days went on I grew to understand why. Its a form to write all of my own personal funny stories, to write my feelings and poems, to add my pictures and send it in to be added to the next book, to future books to help other Daughters who have lost their Daddy as well.

What a great and wonderful gift! Not only did the words of other women in my situation make me feel blessed, but knowing that some day I have the potential to help someone else through such a rough and difficult time in their life just truly touched my heart.

I knew this would be something my Dad would love for me to share with everyone. I am soo thankful for the gift of the time I had with my Daddy, but being able to publicly share our stories all because of a book from my Mom..I truly am blessed!

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