Good Cover Letter Example; A Sure Winner!

by Anya
(Macomb, IL USA)

This is a cover letter very similar to the one I used to apply for my current position. I consider in a good example and a winner because I was selected out of 120 applicants to interview. There were two positions available and I was offered one of them which of course I accepted! I find the tips on this website very helpful when reviewing cover letters to make sure they will stand out to prospective employers!


Dear Ms. Amy McDaniel,

I am writing in regard to the two Academic Advisor positions at XYZ University that were posted on the University’s website employment page. I am excited to apply for both of these positions because I envision that I could serve your students effectively through the various duties outlined in the advertisement. I feel that both of these positions closely match my interests and abilities and would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you and the search committee. I have also been told by Jane Smith in the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs that your department is one of the most dedicated departments to students on campus. Enclosed you will find my resume for your review as well as four professional references.

As my resume indicates, I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in College Student Personnel at XYZ University and will graduate in May. I also have a Master’s Degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration. A major focus of my degree plan in College Student Personnel is student development as well as creating conditions of success for students. Developmental advising is a field that I believe emphasizes this focus. I have cultivated this focus through my experiences with working with students during summer orientation and registration and advising students in the undeclared majors program in a volunteer capacity through our on campus advising center.

My qualifications and work experience will be of assistance in both the Transitional Advising Program Coordinator position and the Media Coordinator position. As a Scholarship Coordinator for my sorority, I have worked with students who needed additional documentation and support in their academic endeavors. I was a Teaching Assistant last semester and I will continue in this role this semester. My experience with teaching has allowed me to be a primary contact for students, as well as track their progress in the class and challenge them in their classroom assignments.

The Media Coordinator position will also suit me very well. I have extensive skills in designing and publishing handbooks, resource manuals, newsletters and advertising brochures. I helped create a 50 page workshop resource manual for a grant project this past fall. I also designed and maintained a website for my former employer and I have continued to design websites for a few local business owners.

Thank you for consideration of my application. Please contact me at 333-222-8888 or if you would like to schedule an interview. I look forward to the opportunity of talking with you about these positions.



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