Got Roses From an Admirer or Boyfriend ?

by Silly Front Desk Girl

Where to begin about getting roses on Valentine's Day ? It was a Monday and I had to work a shift at the doctor's office. Yeah , I hate Mondays only because its was the start of another week full of stress.

So I clock in and sit at the front desk waiting for patients to arrive for their appointments. I try my best to stay busy while reading cosmo magazine.

I come across an article talking about Valentine's Day and I am thinking what day is that. Well, I don't really look at a calender often and to my surprise it was 02/14/2011.

I was freaking out because usually I would have plans with my boyfriend. I started to talking out loud to myself "Wait a minute , my boyfriend has not utter a word about V-day "!

I was very curious so I started to texting my boyfriend and a flower delivery guy walks into the office. He said that he has a flower bouquet thats from an admirer and its for me!

I was estatic and surprised that my boyfriend didn't forget Valentine's Day . I grabbed the beautiful , fragrant roses and put them in a vase. I had the hugest smile on my face that nothing could ruin my day.

So a few hours into the work day and a handsome guy walks into the office asking for a walk in appointment. I was seeing stars, hearts, and rainbows (still happy about the roses) that I booked the guy for the appointment.

The guy commented on how nice the roses are and how he ordered the same bouquet today for his crush. I said how nice and how lucky the girl was.

So about 30 minutes pass by and I hear a familiar voice come into the office. I look up and its my boyfriend with flowers in his hands with a puppy sad face on. He says "Happy Valentine's my love".

I am just like you forgot it was Valentine's Day ? He said "yes" that he forgot.I told him thank you for the flowers and I'll go put the roses in the vase with the other roses he gave me earlier.

My boyfriend said "Wait a minute, I didn't get you flowers until just now".

So, I am really confused about this other bouquet of roses. My boyfriend isn't taking the news well about the other roses. I told my boyfriend that the flower delivery guy said the flowers were from an admirer and I assume the roses were from him.

My boyfriend asked if the roses came with a card . I took a second look and sure enough there was a tiny card in the bouquet. I read out loud the message and at the bottom it says from John ???? My boyfriend's name is Josh!

Just as I called the name John- the handsome guy walks towards the front desk. He asked me if the doctor is ready to see him now ? I said no.

A lightbulb switched on and I realized that the first roses belong to the crush of the handsome guy. I told the handsome guy that I am sorry that I accepted his crush's flowers.

He wasn't upset and he whispered to me that his crush was the doctor. The handsome guy thanked me for squeezing him into an appointment to see the doctor to surprise her.

It was definitely a lovely surprise for the doctor. Something I 'll remember next Valentine's Day is to never accept flowers until I read the card first!

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