Grad Program Cover Letter

by T. Renee Perry

Trying to get into graduate school? If so, you know that getting accepted can be pretty challenging, but you also know that a cover letter for your resume and/or application is important. Use this one as a template...

Dear Dr. Karen I. Lessley,

Thank you so very much for meeting with me yesterday to discuss opening in the IGERT program. Thanks to your expertise and patience, I was able to discern a great deal about the requirements, details and expectations of the program. I came away from our meeting very enthusiastic about the position you are seeking to fill. As requested I have enclosed my resume and letters of recommendation.

I am pleased to be considered a candidate for this program. From our conversation this seems like the perfect beginning of my career in environmental conservation. Also based on our discussions, I know that you have narrowed your search for to 12 people for the six open slots. Fully aware of competition, I feel confident that upon review of my qualifications and testaments to my character, you will find me to be an excellent and acceptable candidate. If there is anything further I can offer you to help prove that I am the right person for this position, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I want to thank you once again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me, and also for consideration for this program. Your confidence in my credibility means the world to me. Although you already have my contact information, I have listed my email address and valid phone number that I can be reached at any time this month. Many thanks and good luck in your search.

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