Great Customer Service Means Happy Customers!

Dear Mrs. Mercer;

My name is Steve Bauer and I have worked front line customer service for ten years. I am writing to recommend you consider Alyssa Phillips for a position at your store.

Alyssa is always friendly and warm when interacting with customers and has worked at our service desk for over two years. She is always calm and helpful when approached by a customer with a concern and does whatever it takes to make them feel satisfied by the time they leave.

She also has an exceptional memory of faces, and often knows returning customers by name, this makes them feel important and goes a long way towards making their experience a good one.

Another asset is that Alyssa is very good at interacting with families when they come into our store. If a mother comes to her desk with a crying baby, she will interact with the child and more often than not, the child stops crying, even if it's only for the few minutes that they are at her desk. I've heard feedback from several of these weary parents who were amazed that she took the time to help out like that.

I feel that all these things would make Alyssa a great candidate for a position in your business where she can interact with the public. If you would like any further details, do not hesitate to contact me on my cell at 647-259-3232.

Steven J. Bauer

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