Great Valentine Day Gift Idea - My Ex-girlfriend's Special Gift

by john arcenio
(Manila, Philippines)

Special Valentine Day Gift Idea. This one did't cost any money, and goes to show that sometimes the sharing of love for another person is greater than gold. Read on for this story submitted by John, who received a surprise gift from his girlfriend.

"I has been in a long distance relationship for almost two years, she's working in as a nurse miles away from where I am staying.

It's really hard for us since we are both first timers on this type of relationship situation but we decided to give it a chance because we thought this long distance thing will only be temporary.

Two years have passed and all we do is text each other every day and see two or three times a month, months passed and we gradually feel that we are drifting apart.

Two weeks before Christmas, the worst thing happened. We had a fight over some unnecessary thing and we end up saying things we soon regret.
We broke up two weeks before Christmas.
Christmas came, I sent her a message telling her what I feel and apologized.

We agreed to cool off and stay as friends.
But later I felt much more emptiness losing her even though we're friends.

The first day of February, I told her I want her back. I want to make this long distance relationship work again.

I didn't want to lose hope, I didn't want to lose the love I have for her.

She said she's afraid that we might still end up arguing about the same thing over again,
she said she's sorry, she love me but she needs time to think about what I said.

Then on Valentine's Day, I was surprised to see her at my office with a Valentine card saying "Will you have me back in your life?".

That was the best Valentine's gift for me.
We got married three months after that."

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