Great Young Man: A True American Patriot

by Ben
(Seattle, WA, USA)

Dear Ms. Johns;

I imagine that most students who apply for admission at your school have good grades, high test scores and a great work ethic. Mark does, too. However, has other qualities, but most of all can boast the attribute of being exceptional at most things he does.

I've had the pleasure of meeting with hundreds of young students in my life, but none have impressed me with their intelligence, aptitude and sense of compassion more than Marks has.

In the six years I've known him I have never known him to put himself before others. He cares deeply about the thoughts and feelings of others around him, especially his friends and his country.

His unusual empathy sets him apart from other candidates and makes him an exceptional student, patriotic American and human being, and most certainly would make worthy contributions to your university.

Ben Lee

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