Gregory, My Rock

by Anna

Love Letter For a Boyfriend; Anna and Gregory

Love Letter For a Boyfriend; Anna and Gregory

Ana presented us with this Love Letter For a Boyfriend. Gregory, the apple of her eye, must be one cool dude to have captured the heart of this peach of a woman. Enjoy!


Dearest Gregory;

I used to run my life as a character in a fairy tale. Love was a pre-written code, a sequence of events surrounding our learned perception of what it's supposed to be. I was a cardboard cutout, acting as character in some film...that is until I met you.

When I'm with you I know love - it's tangible. And it's real love, the kind that you feel in the pit of your stomach, exploding through the senses in a flurry of euphoria. It exists in an unspoken form, in subtle looks that express more than the most eloquent words ever can.

Your laughter is infectious and light, like a summer's breeze. Your warmth heats the coldest night and the sweet scent of you never ceases to put a smile on my face, nor the brightness in your eyes.

And when the vast horizon of my future looms in front of me I could think of none other to step into it with. On my life journey you are my guide and when life gets the best of you I will be your anchor. much do I love you? More than I can express.


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