Happy Valentines Day, Baby!

by Perry

Every year my girl and I propose the same challenge: Don't spend more then $10 on Valentine's Day.

And for another couple this might mean candy or a stuffed toy from the grocery store or worse yet, something home made.

Lucky for me though, my girl is creative. Last year we went to a Chinese New Year celebration. We both thought it was so neat, we ended up buying a few decorations to keep the spirt of the event alive in our minds.

A couple of weeks later when Valentines day rolled around I came home to find a small box waiting for me on the kitchen coutner. When I opened it I found a pocket watch.

The face of the watch was the 12 symbols of the Chinese zodiac. I can't wear a wrist watch so I carry pocket watches and this one was I would have never imagined existed.

Now, everytime I look to see whaat time it is I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a special girl in my life. And the best part? She only spent $8.

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