Help Writing a Resume Cover Letter

Need Help Writing a Resume Cover Letter?  We’ve got you covered!

So, you’ve tediously prepared a resume to knock potential employers’ socks off. Trouble is, they’re requesting a just-as-stellar cover letter along with your resume (as is often customary).

Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t panic just yet, writing a cover letter is actually simple, much simpler than you might think.

Before you start fretting over how to come up with an inventive and alluring cover letter for your resume, first you should have a good idea of what constitutes as a strong cover letter.

Use the following suggestions and you're sure to generate more interest and get more interviews.


Begin by gathering Information . The more organized you are when you start writing your cover letter the easier it will be to write. Here's the specific information you need to gather and ways to do it quickly.

One. Identify your target audience . Your efforts will yield better results if you are clear about who you'll be sending your letters to. Identify and decide on the businesses, their website addresses, ascertain the names and titles of indivduals within the organizations that you'll be contacting, information about the companies' business, etc.

Two. Reasearch positions of interest . Again, visit the company website and gather information about the job; description, responsibilities, duties, etc. Way too few prepare to this degree, so if you do it you can gain a substantial advantage over others applying for the same positions.

Three. Review your recent work history . Update your resume; revise, rewrite, tweak, enhance and edit it to make it simpler, cleaner and ultimately more self explanatory. This process is helpful for updating your resume plus for recalling information that you can include in your cover letter that you had all but overlooked.

Summarily, a well-written cover letter can literally flood your calendar with more quality job interviews — even when you don't have a lot of experience or a strong resume. 

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