How To Write Love Letters

by Autumn

"Me and You" is a dynamic template for "How To Write Love Letters". It has a rhythmical sing song quality about it with lyrical twists and turns that make it the outstanding letter it is. Enjoy! ************


Believe me when I say that where there's love there's hope. Hope that shines as true as night, with stars that beam eternal light...creating colors, lines, designs, and showing earth forever time...light in night skies - blue. This light, this hope is me and you.

A beacon shining to the world, a trumpet call, forever heard. A ringing, singing joyful song, this music goes forever...on and on and on and on.
Music that sings with triumph, hope and delight and rings through day and into the night. This song that sings for all to hear? This song is me and you, my dear.

Another image ringing true, a flower soft, a vibrant hue that grows and grows with water sweet, that shares it's colors, for all to see.
It's rooted and on proud display, with a gentle, humble face. This flower with its springtime dew? This flower, love, is me and you.

We're like a clock that's ticking on and on, a bird comes out to sing its' song. As seasons come and go and come, it's life's dear cycles never done. But, with what comes and with what goes, my heart it knows what few hearts know.

I know our love is safe and true, this life of love, is me and you.


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