I Love You Letter (Until I Met You)

 I Love You Letter - Until I Met You.  "Love was a strange, foreign concept to me. I often fought the urge to turn up my nose at every utterance of

I Love You Letter

I Never New Love Until I Met You

Dearest - until you love was a waste of time - easily dismissed as wishful fantasy conjured up by fools.

Overall, the idea of love was a strange, foreign concept. I often fought the urge to turn up my nose at every utterance of the four letter word.

It took every ounce of strength not to retreat into the darkness every second week of February, lest I rain on the parade of anyone who wished to celebrate.

Fools, they were. I, on the other hand, was immune to the glitz and glamour and commercial exploitation of what love should be.

Of course, that was until I met you. When I first laid eyes on you, it was as if everything else suddenly functioned in black and white, but you were in color.

Even in those rare times when the smallest smidgen of my heart wanted to believe that love - friendly, romantic, or otherwise - was possible, it was nothing like what I feel for you.

You smiled, I stuttered. You politely offered, I adamantly refused. You approached me with such a gentleness and a kindness I had never experienced before.

Yet, there was something very non-threatening about your approach. You were very patient and unpretentious in your acceptance of me - my pessimism, my insecurity, and my inexperience.

Even though I might not have shown it at the time, I appreciated everything about you and wanted to do everything in my power to learn what love is. If not for my sake, for yours.

Even though you are gone now, I will forever cherish the light you brought into my life. You taught me things I'd never dreamt of learning on my own. You made me feel attractive and important... like I meant something.

Although I may not be with you now the thought of you never escapes my mind. Every breath, every sound, every scent reminds me of the love we shared. You proved me wrong, and I love you for it.

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