I Still Love You, Mo

by Ardith
(Longmont, CO. USA)

Unrequited Love; 20 Years Later

Unrequited Love; 20 Years Later

I have tried to bring myself to call you or write you a letter during the past 20 years to tell you how I really feel. I'd pick up the phone and dial, but then I would hang up just before you answered.

I'd start many letters, but I would wad them up and throw them away. I didn't know what to say, knowing you didn't want me anymore. Even though it has been many years, I still have feelings for you.

I think about you and wonder how it would have turned out for the both of us if we had stayed together. You broke my heart and it still hasn't healed; I cried and cried over you many nights.

I know we would have been happy together to this day because I am still in love with you as much as ever. I have never felt this way for any other guy and I my love for you will never die.


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Copies of Love Letters; Twenty Years Later
by: Lanard

Twenty years later is a long time to be in love with someone. Hopefully, you've found some love and happiness since then. If you haven't think to yourself that you deserve it...and then allow yourself to move on. Here's to your future happiness!

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